Our Partners

Our partners are entrepreneurial companies, both large and small. We work with visionary leaders who are excited about technology and how it can help them to achieve their commercial ambitions.

Our technology is often uniquely enabling, addressing challenging user and product requirements to deliver against market needs. As a result our partners’ products often break the mould, and are disruptive in their target markets.

Many of our partners’ applications are non-obvious: products which don’t exist today or which exist in a very different form. We identify these through direct conversations: a process of mutual opportunity discovery.

Our partners are active in the medical devices market, where usability and portability are driving the need for smaller, lighter, silent therapy and diagnostic products. Other strong market fits include lifesciences, consumer healthcare, and industrial gas sampling and analysis. Here we bring miniaturisation, controllability, and rapid response.

Find out how TTP Ventus is helping Owlstone Medical to save 10,000 lives by 2020...

Disc Pump technology key to Owlstone cancer detection application

You develop technologies for a reason. Sometimes it's for monetary gain. Other times it's to make a difference. And I think we have a real opportunity to try and improve the lives of patients.
Billy Boyle, Founder
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Find out how Disc Pump is revolutionising sleep therapy

Within minutes of discovering this micropump they knew their whole plan had changed
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The future of vascular compression therapy

TTP Ventus creates a personalised approach to treat vascular problems

There is a role within both the consumer and healthcare market for a silent, discreet, everyday wearable compression system that can be personalised to the correct therapeutic pressure
Tom Wainwright, Associate Professor in Orthopaedics
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