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Our micropump platform, Disc Pump, was created by Cambridge technology company The Technology Partnership (TTP). At that time Casio required a high-performance, silent pump to enable a micro fuel cell product targeting the business travel market. In response TTP created Disc Pump: an entirely new pump technology based on ultrasonic resonance.

The pump’s unique features derive from its operating principle. Disc Pump excites a standing ultrasonic pressure wave within a disc-shaped cavity, and our patented ultra-fast valve technology rectifies this wave to deliver pumped flow. The technology platform was recognised by the Institute of Physics, winning its inaugural Business Innovation Award in 2012, and is protected by a portfolio of granted patents covering all of the major world economies.

Our second-generation pump has delivered performance and efficiency improvements. Key features of this pump design are:

  • Silent operation
  • Small size and light weight
  • Exceptional pressure and flow
  • Ultra-fast (ms) response to set-point changes
  • Ultra-low pulsatility output
  • Full control flexibility

Design variants can deliver in excess of 400mBar stall pressure and 1.5 litres per minute free flow.

We recently established our own volume manufacturing facility in order to meet demand. TTP Ventus was formed in 2016, focused on the development, licensing, and manufacture of the Disc Pump platform.

Disc Pump is protected by US patents 7550034, 8123502, 8297947, 8371829, 8409160, 8646479, 8734131, 8763633, 8821134, 9051931, 9127665, 9234518, 9239059, 9279421, 9334858, 9506463, 9752565, 9709042, and 9777851, together with all international and/or foreign counterparts.


at frequencies above the limit of human hearing, Disc Pump is ideally suited to medical, therapeutic and consumer applications where discretion is key.


Ultra-smooth flow

with each high-frequency cycle of the pump displacing mere microlitres, the pressure pulsation observed with traditional pumps is virtually eliminated, truly enhancing gas sampling applications where measurement sensitivity is critical.



delivering a full-scale response in a matter of milliseconds, Disc Pump can respond to the most challenging real-time control requirements.



weighing in at only 5g (less than 1/5 oz) and with a volume of just 7 cm3, Disc Pump’s light weight and small form-factor unlocks the next generation of wearable products.



with full and accurate control flexibility, Disc Pump can hold pressure and flow set points with unrivalled precision.


Working with TTP Ventus

Our partners are entrepreneurial companies, both large and small. We work with visionary leaders who are excited about technology and how it can help them to achieve their commercial ambitions.

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