Best-in-class features


Ultrasonic operation: Cycling 21,000 times per second, Disc Pump operates at frequencies above the limit of human hearing, making it an ideal choice for applications where discreet operation is important — for example in this wearable treatment for sleep apnea.

Ultra-smooth flow

Pulsation-free output: With each high-frequency cycle of the pump displacing mere microlitres, the pressure pulsation observed with conventional pumps is virtually eliminated. Here, seven Disc Pumps are used to control the position of floats in airflow measurement tubes, showing off the ultra-smooth output of the pump, alongside its rapid response and high-precision control capability.


High-speed pressure and flow control: Delivering a full-scale response in a matter of milliseconds, Disc Pump can respond to the most challenging real-time control requirements. In this demonstration, plastic balls are sorted by colour by modulating the length of air puffs delivered by the pump. The difference between long puffs required to send green balls into the top bin, and the shorter puffs for yellow balls into the bottom bin, is only 40 milliseconds - something that a conventional pump technology couldn't achieve with additional hardware (e.g. valving).



Unrivalled performance in a tiny package: Weighing in at only 5g (< 1/5 oz) and with a volume of just 7 cm3 (<0.5 in3), Disc Pump’s light weight and small form-factor unlocks the next generation of compact products, from ambulatory blood pressure monitors to handheld gas analysers.


High-precision control with exceptional dynamic range: Disc Pump can hold pressure and flow set points with unrivalled precision. What's more, unlike a conventional motor-driven pump, Disc Pump’s piezoelectric drive actuator has no stall speed, meaning the pump can be controlled continuously between 0 and 100% output, giving a near-infinite turn-down ratio. Here, the pump is used to control microfluidic flow, demonstrating uniform droplet generation, stop-start control and a range of flow rates.