The National Lifesciences Expo 2018

TTP Ventus will be exhibiting at The National Lifesciences Expo at Arena MK, Milton Keynes, UK on November 28th 2018. John Watson, Business Development Manager, will be giving a talk entitled 'The Micropump’s role in the Point of Care (POC) revolution’. Please visit us to learn more about how our Disc Pump technology can unlock your next miniaturised POC project.

Download the PDF flyer: National Lifesciences Expo UK - Invite

The diagnostics industry is currently undergoing a similar revolution to the electronics industry 60 years ago, where the big trends were miniaturization and functional integration. Flow control is one of the key parameters within microfluidic POC diagnostic devices, as it determines how fluids within a chip are set in motion. Designers are looking for reliable and compact solutions to their flow control needs.

John Watson, TTP Ventus.