Gas Detection & Analysis

Disc Pump brings benefits across the gas detection and analysis workflow.

  • Enhance sampling precision in intermittent and real-time applications through millisecond-response times.
  • Maximise measurement sensitivity with Disc Pump’s ultra-smooth flow.
  • Reduce instrument size and complexity by eliminating the need for pulsation-reducing hardware (e.g. baffles, accumulators).
  • Improve quantification accuracy through highly-adjustable, precisely-controllable pressure and flow.
  • Increase system versatility with a near-infinite turn-down ratio on pump speed.

Follow the case study to learn how our technology powers a breathalyser for disease.


Find out how TTP Ventus is helping Owlstone Medical to save 10,000 lives by 2020...

You develop technologies for a reason. Sometimes it's for monetary gain. Other times it's to make a difference. And I think we have a real opportunity to try and improve the lives of patients.
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As healthcare moves closer to the home, the appetite for discrete and portable medical devices is growing. Disc Pump's feature set is well-suited to meet these demands:

  • Silent, vibration-free operation ensures that comfort and discretion is maximised.
  • High performance and precision combine to enable effective, accurate therapuetic delivery.
  • Compact form factor unlocks the next-generation of smaller, lighter medical products.

Follow the case study below to learn about how Disc Pump is enabling a new generation of vascular compression therapy devices.


The future of vascular compression therapy

There is a role within both the consumer and healthcare market for a silent, discreet, everyday wearable compression system that can be personalised to the correct therapeutic pressure
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Innovation in wearable technology is a key driving force behind the double-digit growth of the digital health market. For wearable therapeutic devices, Disc Pump can be easily integrated into small, lightweight, battery-powered devices. Silent, vibration-free operation means that Disc Pump products are discrete enough to operate even during sleep.


Find out how Disc Pump is revolutionising sleep therapy

Within minutes of discovering this micropump they knew their whole plan had changed
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