Micropumps for Medical

Healthcare is moving out of the hospital and into doctors’ surgeries and the home, driven by reduced costs, improved patient outcomes, and convenience. Medical devices that were once heavy and fixed are now small and portable – and increasingly wearable. With its combination of performance, silent operation and size, the multi award-winning Disc Pump™ from LEE Ventus is enabling manufacturers to respond to this trend with smaller, lighter, quieter products. Our piezoelectric micropumps are suitable for a wide range of medical applications, from wearable blood pressure devices to portable capnography

  • Enable portable and wearable solutions through compact and lightweight form factor.
  • Improve patient comfort through silent, vibration free operation.
  • Create high-performance products with exceptional pressure, vacuum and flow capacity.

Portability is a growing requirement for patient monitoring and therapy systems. Product designers need to simplify pneumatic systems, reducing component count and complexity in order to meet ever-tighter space constraints. Attention also focuses on the pump itself, with weight and size being frequent issues. Disc Pump™ weighs just 5 g (1/5 oz) and occupies a volume of only 7 cm3 (less than ½ a cubic inch) – all while delivering the pneumatic performance of a motor-driven diaphragm pump. The resulting product design freedom enables completely new product forms.

Discrete Operation
As medical products move into quieter environments – the home, a doctor’s surgery, or a care-home for example – quiet operation becomes increasingly important. While present hospital noise levels are a cause for concern, patients generally experience them for a relatively limited period while they require acute care. However portable and home-based devices are often used over long periods of time and in situations where there is little or no background noise. Product developers are therefore turning to Disc Pump’s silent, vibration-free operation to deliver truly discrete products.

Wearable devices combine the requirements of portability and discretion. For example, sleep apnoea sufferers don’t want their sleep interrupted by their therapy device, and patients prescribed a 24 hour blood-pressure monitor don’t want its operation to interrupt a meeting.

Powered by Disc Pump™: Top - Owlstone Medical's ReCIVA, a breathalyser for disease; bottom - Sommetrics' aerSleep, a silent, wearable treatment for sleep apnoea - Disc Pump sits inside the compact, battery-powered pump module (right; black).

Case Studies

24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Find out how Disc Pump™ is improving patient comfort and measurement accuracy for 24-hour observation.

Owlstone Medical's breathalyser for disease
Read about how LEE Ventus and Owlstone Medical are enabling a revolutionary approach to early detection of cancers.

Sommetrics' aerSleep: a silent, wearable treatment for sleep apnoea
Find out how LEE Ventus and Sommetrics have partnered to create a revolutionary new treatment for sleep apnoea.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression
Read about how Disc Pump™ is enabling a new generation of silent, lightweight and compact vascular compression devices.


With its unique set of features, Disc Pump™ enables advances across a broad spectrum of applications, including:

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  • Wound care
  • Portable suction
  • Drug delivery
  • Nebulisers
  • Smoke Extraction
  • MRI-compatible instruments
  • Breathomics