Micropump Products

Disc Pump is an ultrasonic piezoelectric micropump, which is enabling innovation across sectors from medical and life sciences, to environmental and industrial through wearability, portability, and simplicity. Our air pumps are in use across a diverse range of applications, from wearable medical devices and portable IVD instruments, through gas detection systems and industrial inkjet.

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We offer five pump product lines: the entry-level BL Series, which strikes a balance between performance and cost; the XP Series with our highest performance and widest temperature range to suit the most demanding applications; the LT Series, engineered for applications demanding long operational life in excess of 5,000 hours; the HP Series for applications that require high differential pressure; and the UltraSlim Series of slimline pumps with an integrated filter.

Evaluation Kit

Our Evaluation Kit has everything necessary to start testing: two pumps of your choice, drive electronics, power supply, PC application for configuration, control and data logging, together with tubing, connectors and filters to get you started.

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