BL Series Micropumps

Our entry-level BL Series micropumps strike a balance between performance and cost. In common with all Disc Pumps, BL Series pumps combine silent operation, pulsation-free flow, millisecond response and high precision in a compact form factor.

  • Peak flow 1.65 L/min
  • Peak pressure 300 mbar
  • Peak vacuum -200 mbar


Model Pressure Flow Vacuum
BL-S2-012 > 300 mbar > 0.50 L/min > 200 mbar
BL-S2-030 > 270 mbar > 0.80 L/min > 200 mbar
BL-P2-013 > 170 mbar > 0.95 L/min > 170 mbar
BL-P2-031 > 160 mbar > 1.65 L/min > 150 mbar

LEE Ventus is actively developing higher performance pump designs. Contact us to discuss whether we have an alternative design that meets your requirements.


Mounting Guidance
Mount in any orientation using compliant materials. If using mounting eyes on pump body, LEE Ventus recommends using four compliant o-rings (e.g. 1.42 ID x 1.78 CS Nitrile 70 Shore A) with two o-rings per mounting eye (one above and one below the eye), Nylon M2 bolt and threaded mounting stud (e.g. Wurth Elektronik 9774050243R). This mounting scheme isolates high-frequency vibration and prevents audible noise. Note that metal bolts are not recommended for this reason.

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