Drive Electronics and Accessories

Getting Started?

LEE Ventus recommends that customers start with the Evaluation Kit, which enables rapid evaluation of the pump, without any upfront development effort. The kit implements a range of commonly-used functions, including closed-loop pressure/vacuum control, and contains everything necessary to start testing: two pumps of your choice, drive electronics with integrated pressure sensor, power supply, PC application for configuration, control and data logging, together with tubing, connectors and filters.

General Purpose Drive PCB

Item Details
Part Number 59017-200-0003
Electrical control interfaces • 3x analog inputs
• 1x Pump enable digital gating signal
Full-scale response bandwidth 8 Hz
50% response bandwidth 25 Hz
Peak drive efficiency 85 %
Supply voltage 3.5 to 5.5 V
Power consumption (including pump) 0 to 2 W, depending on pump drive level


  • The General Purpose Drive PCB is designed to be mounted on a set of 0.5” (1.27 mm) pitch single inline headers. No additional mechanical restraint is required.
  • Dimensions for the General Purpose Drive PCB are shown in millimetres.

Breakout PCB

The General Purpose Drive PCB can be mounted on the Breakout PCB, which presents the PCB electrical interface on two 0.1” (2.54 mm) single inline headers, suitable for integration with 0.1” prototype board, enabling rapid prototyping and testing at the start of the development process.

Part Number: 59017-200-004


GitHub code snippet library

Our GitHub code snippet library provides examples of how to control the Disc Pump Evaluation Kit independently of the LEE Ventus Pump Control App. The initial examples provided cover a range of functions, including turning the pump on and off, setting drive power, closed loop control of pressure and reading back and plotting data.

The code snippet library, which is hosted on GitHub, is intended to support customers after their initial evaluation of our pump technology, as they move on to developing prototypes and products. We welcome suggestions for how we can improve and build upon this repository; please feel free to share your ideas, feature requests and any bugs you identify with us at

TN003 - Communications Guide pdf1.34 MB

Technical note covering the serial communications protocol used to control the Disc Pump Drive PCB from your own system - either via the USB-Serial link provided by the motherboard, or via the 2.5 V UART interface of the Drive PCB.

General Purpose Drive PCB Manual pdf1.52 MB

Technical note providing information to aid the integration of the Disc Pump Drive PCB with your system.

TN001: Disc Pump Drive Guide

[by request]
Techncial note covering the basics of the lock-in circuit, including recommended drive waveforms, drive algorithms, and a reference circuit. We are also able to provide reference firmware.

Disc Pump™ Electronics Reference Design Package

[by request]
A package containing PCB and firmware reference designs together with supporting technical guides is available upon request. This provides everything necessary for customers to design their own drive electronics.

LEE Ventus Open Source Software Licences pdf169.05 KB

An overview of Open Source software and licences used in LEE Ventus electronics and software products.