Evaluation Kit

Our evaluation kits come with everything necessary to start testing, including two pumps, electronics and PC application for configuration and control. The evaluation kits are suitable for laboratory testing, proof of concept and product prototyping.

The kit contains two PCBs: a postage-stamp sized Disc Pump Driver PCB, mounted on a larger Motherboard PCB that provides convenient control interfaces, indication LEDs and a pressure sensor. The smaller Driver PCB can be removed and directly integrated with test set-ups / prototypes as required.


Kit contents 2 Disc Pumps
Driver Board
Mains PSU
Accessories Kit
USB drive with PC app for control, configuration, and documentation
Control Interfaces PC Application
Rotary dial
0-2.5 V analog input
0 / 2.5 V GPIO digital enable / gating control line
USB-Serial interface for control via PC
2.5V UART for control via host embedded system
Control Modes Power control
Closed-loop pressure/vacuum control
Bang-bang pressure control


AN003 - Communications Guide pdf732.85 kB
Application note covering the serial communications protocol that you can use to control the Disc Pump Drive PCB from your own system - either via the USB-Serial link provided by the motherboard, or via the 2.5 V UART interface of the Drive PCB.

AN004 - Disc Pump Driver PCB pdf2.5 MB
Application note providing information to aid the integration of the Disc Pump Drive PCB with your system.

The following related documents / resources are available on request:

AN001: Disc Pump Drive Guide
Application note covering the basics of the lock-in circuit, including recommended drive waveforms, drive algorithms, and a reference circuit. We are also able to provide reference firmware.

Request a copy of AN001: Disc Pump™ Drive Guide

Disc Pump™ Electronics Reference Design Package
A package containing PCB and firmware reference designs together with supporting technical guides is available upon request. This provides everything necessary for customers to design their own drive electronics.

Request a copy of the Disc Pump Electronics Reference Design Package.

Evaluation Kit Manual and Software
The manual and application software for the Evaluation Kit are provided with the kit on a USB stick. Please contact us if you need a replacement copy.

Request a copy of the Manual and Software

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