Evaluation Kit

Jumpstart your next project with the Disc Pump Evaluation Kit and start exploring the unique feature set of our world-leading piezo micropump. No set up required: just plug in the power supply and start testing – and with the versatile functionality and control options, the kit significantly reduces development effort and time, enabling designers to focus on creating great products.

  • No set up required: plug-and-play operation.
  • Includes everything necessary to start testing: two pumps, electronics, PC app for configuration, control and datalogging, fixtures, fittings and design resources.
  • Versatile system suitable for laboratory testing, prototyping and product development.
  • Create high-performance products with exceptional pressure, vacuum and flow capacity.

Disc Pump Evaluation Kit Overview

Technical Details

Kit contents 2 Disc Pumps
Driver Board
Mains PSU
Accessories Kit
USB drive with PC app for control, configuration, and documentation
Control Interfaces PC Application
Rotary dial
0-2.5 V analog input
0 / 2.5 V GPIO digital enable / gating control line
USB-Serial interface for control via PC
2.5V UART for control via host embedded system
Control Modes Power control
Closed-loop pressure/vacuum control
Bang-bang pressure control


The LEE Ventus Pump Control App is packed with features and offers flexible configuration and control of the Evaluation Kit.

  • Three control modes:
    • Open-loop control of pump drive power.
    • Closed-loop control of pressure or vacuum, enabling a wide range of applications out of the box (e.g. inkjet meniscus pressure control and 'pressure-driven flow' microfluidics). Alternatively, connect your own sensor for PID control of other variables.
    • "Bang-bang" pressure/vacuum control, enabling cyclic pressure control as used in e.g. intermittent compression therapy.
  • Analog control sources can be mapped with range and offset variables, enabling fine-tune control over the set point. The analog control sources include:
    • A physical potentiometer/dial the Evaluation Kit motherboard, providing a quick-to-adjust setpoint control.
    • A 0-2.5 V analog input, enabling connection with a control signal or pressure/flow external sensor.
  • Configurable live graph display of pressure, power and other electrical parameters.
  • Datalogging to CSV file of pressure, power and other parameters.
  • Ability to save configuration for use each time the Evaluation Kit is powered up, so that kit can be operated independently of the PC app without the need to configure over the serial interface.

Pressure cycling between two limits under bang-bang control.

Video Guide

Video: Disc Pump Evaluation Kit - How To

This video provides a walkthrough of the Disc Pump Evaluation Kit, including set up, configuration and control.


Evaluation Kit Manual pdf3.57 MB

The Evaluation Kit Manual provides a detailed overview of the kit, outlining the system components, safety considerations, system operation and support.

GitHub code snippet library

Our GitHub code snippet library provides examples of how to control the Disc Pump Evaluation Kit independently of the LEE Ventus Pump Control App. The initial examples provided cover a range of functions, including turning the pump on and off, setting drive power, closed loop control of pressure and reading back and plotting data.

The code snippet library, which is hosted on GitHub, is intended to support customers after their initial evaluation of our pump technology, as they move on to developing prototypes and products. We welcome suggestions for how we can improve and build upon this repository; please feel free to share your ideas, feature requests and any bugs you identify with us at support@ttpventus.com.

LEE Ventus Pump Control App zip1.47 MB

The LEE Ventus Pump Control App provides configuration, control and data logging for the Evaluation Kit.

TN003 - Communications Guide pdf1.34 MB

Technical note covering the serial communications protocol used to control the Disc Pump Drive PCB from your own system - either via the USB-Serial link provided by the motherboard, or via the 2.5 V UART interface of the Drive PCB.

TN012: General Purpose Disc Pump Driver PCB pdf2.67 MB

Technical note providing information to aid the integration of the Disc Pump Drive PCB with your system.

TN001: Disc Pump Drive Guide

[by request]
Techncial note covering the basics of the lock-in circuit, including recommended drive waveforms, drive algorithms, and a reference circuit. We are also able to provide reference firmware.

Disc Pump™ Electronics Reference Design Package

[by request]
A package containing PCB and firmware reference designs together with supporting technical guides is available upon request. This provides everything necessary for customers to design their own drive electronics.

LEE Ventus Open Source Software Licences pdf169.05 KB

An overview of Open Source software and licences used in LEE Ventus electronics and software products.

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