HP Series

The HP Series targets applications requiring high pressure in a compact form factor. The first model delivers in excess of 600 mbar. The ability to generate such high pressures from a small, controllable, and non-pulsatile pump opens up exciting opportunities in microfluidics - particularly in pressure-driven-flow (air-over-liquid) systems - and in medical and industrial applications where high differential pressure is required. In common with all Disc Pumps, HP Series pumps combine silent operation, pulsation-free flow, millisecond response and high precision in a compact form factor.

  • Peak pressure 600 mbar
  • Peak vacuum -400 mbar
  • Peak flow 0.10 L/min


Model Pressure Flow Vacuum
HP-S-016 > 600 mbar > 0.10 L/min > 400 mbar

TTP Ventus is actively developing higher performance pump designs. Contact us to discuss whether we have an alternative design that meets your requirements.

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