LT Series Micropumps

The LT Series micropumps have been developed to serve applications with demanding operational life requirements across the medical, life science, environmental and industrial sectors. In common with all Disc Pumps, LT Series pumps combine silent operation, pulsation-free flow, millisecond response and high precision in a compact form factor.

  • Peak flow 1.20 L/min
  • Peak pressure 270 mbar
  • Peak vacuum -220 mbar
  • Life 5,000+ hours
Over 5,000 hours, cycling 20,000 times per second, LT Series pumps clock up
     more than 20 cycles for every year the universe has existed.


Model Pressure Flow Vacuum Life
LT-S2-023 > 270 mbar > 0.55 L/min > 220 mbar 5,000+ hrs
LT-P2-024 > 150 mbar > 1.20 L/min > 150 mbar 5,000+ hrs
  • Performance figures for 1 W operation.
  • 5000 hours is expected lifetime at 1 W. Expected life at lower power is longer. Request a copy of our pump lifetime application note for more information on the relationship between power and lifetime.
  • TTP Ventus is actively developing higher performance pump designs. Contact us to discuss whether we have an alternative design that meets your requirements.
  • Note that the models above supersede the models LT-S2-019 and LT-P2-020.

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