SPM-041 Smart Pump Module

The SPM-041 Smart Pump Module combines our award-winning micropump, Disc Pump, with drive electronics and pressure sensing in a tightly-integrated package. Its simple control interface, with digital and analog control options, makes the replacement of conventional pumps straightforward. This simplifies the design-in process, making it easier than ever for OEMs to take advantage of the key benefits of Disc Pump, including silent operation and exceptional performance.

The SPM-041 offers standalone high-precision pressure and vacuum regulation, benefiting from the pulsation-free output, wide dynamic range and rapid response speed of the pump. The module can be fitted with any of our BL, XP, LT and HP Series pumps.

Module Features

  • Up to 600 mBar pressure, -400 mBar vacuum or 2 L/min flow depending on pump choice2
  • Standalone pressure/vacuum regulation
  • Compact & lightweight (11 g / 0.4 oz)
  • Simple five-wire interface
  • Analog and digital control options (inc. I2C or UART: auto-detection)
  • No set up required: plug and play operation

LEE Ventus SPM-041 Datasheet pdf1.12 MB

Technical Details

Technology Features
High-precision control
Pulsation-free output
Silent, vibration-free operation
Millisecond response speed
Durable, long-life operation8
Temperature range See relevant pump datasheet
Humidity range4 0 to 95% RH
Pumping medium5 Air
Noise level6 <10 phon
Turn-down ratio7 Near infinite
Control Interfaces
UART or I2C3
0-3.3 V analog input
Compatible with Ventus Pump Control App
Control modes
Power control
Closed-loop pressure/vacuum control
Bang-bang pressure control
1 - VCC - 3.5 to 5.5 V supply
2 - UART RX or I2C SDA (3.3 V)
3 - UART TX or I2C SCL (3.3 V)
4 - Ground
5 - 0 to 3.3 V Analog In

Molex 53261-0571

For mating cable assemblies see:

Pump Selection

The figures below summarise the peak performance across multiple models within each product line. Consult the individual datasheets for each product line to select the appropriate model for your application.

Ordering Guide

When requesting a quote or placing an order, please specify the module product code and required pump model, e.g.:

  • SPM-041 Smart Pump Module
  • XP-S2-028 XP Series Disc Pump
Optional Extras
EK-01-0046 USB Power and Communication Cable - enables connection between the module and a host PC, providing power and enabling configuration, control and data-logging via the LEE Ventus Pump Control App over UART.
EK-03-0052 SPM Prototype Pneumatic Adapter Kit - enables convenient connection between the pump and on-board pressure sensor. Note that the adapters are made via SLA / rapid prototyping, and are intended for prototyping and development purposes; they are not suitable for use in end products.
EK-01-0006 SPM USB Flash Drive with Pump Control App, SPM manual and technical notes. Note that items included on the flash drive can be downloaded from the Resources section.

EK-01-0046 USB Power and Communication Cable

EK-03-0052 SPM Prototype Pneumatic Adapter Kit


  1. The SPM-041 module is not available for use in certain specific applications. Please discuss your application with us during the quotation stage.
  2. See individual pump datasheets for pump performance.
  3. Auto-detection function enables selection between I2C and UART. See User Manual for more information on auto-detection.
  4. Non-condensing gases only; ingress of liquid-phase water will halt pump operation.
  5. Liquid may be pumped indirectly in a “pressure-driven flow” / “air displacement” regime. Other gases / gaseous mixtures may be pumped. Contact LEE Ventus to discuss.
  6. Per ISO 226:2003 and related studies, 30 cm measurement distance.
  7. Disc Pump’s piezoelectric drive actuator has no stall speed. The pump can be controlled continuously between 0 and 100% maximum output.
  8. LEE Ventus recommends the use of an inlet filter with a pore size of 3μm or less in order to prevent the ingress of particulates that might otherwise limit the lifetime of the pump.


LEE Ventus SPM-041 Datasheet pdf1.12 MB

Datasheet for the SPM-041 Smart Pump Module.

LEE Ventus SPM-041 User Manual pdf1.08 MB

User Manual for the SPM-041 Smart Pump Module.

LEE Ventus Pump Control App zip1.47 MB

The LEE Ventus Pump Control App provides configuration, control and data logging for the SPM-041 Smart Pump Module. The optional extra EK-01-0046 USB Power and Communication Cable is required to connect the SPM-041 to a host PC.

GitHub code snippet library

Our GitHub code snippet library provides examples of how to control the Smart Pump Module independently of the LEE Ventus Pump Control App. The initial examples provided cover a range of functions, including turning the pump on and off, setting drive power, closed loop control of pressure and reading back and plotting data.

The code snippet library, which is hosted on GitHub, is intended to support customers after their initial evaluation of our pump technology, as they move on to developing prototypes and products. We welcome suggestions for how we can improve and build upon this repository; please feel free to share your ideas, feature requests and any bugs you identify with us at support@ttpventus.com.

TN003 - Communications Guide pdf1.34 MB

Technical note covering the serial communications protocol used to control the Disc Pump Drive PCB from your own system - either via the USB-Serial link provided by the motherboard, or via the 2.5 V UART interface of the Drive PCB.

LEE Ventus SPM-041 BL/XP/LT Series STEP file step5.53 MB

STEP file of the LEE Ventus SPM-041 fitted with a BL/XP/LT Series pump.

LEE Ventus SPM-041 HP Series STEP file step7.74 MB

STEP file of the LEE Ventus SPM-041 fitted with a HP Series pump.

LEE Ventus Open Source Software Licences pdf204.84 KB

An overview of Open Source software and licences used in LEE Ventus electronics and software products.