UltraSlim Micropumps

UltraSlim Disc Pump

Our UltraSlim Series responds to the growing demand for more compact pump solutions. This advanced design has a thickenss of just 5.8 mm—a reduction of 50% over previous models—and an integrated filter, further reducing the space required to integrate UltraSlim pumps within end products. In common with all Disc Pumps, UltraSlim pumps combine silent operation, pulsation-free flow, millisecond response and high precision in a compact form factor.

  • Thickness 5.8 mm
  • Integrated filter
  • Axial flow design
  • Peak flow 0.95 L/min
  • Peak pressure 420 mbar


US-S-038 Pressure Flow
Intermittent > 420 mbar > 0.95 L/min
Continuous > 310 mbar > 0.85 L/min

Note that US-S-038 is a positive pressure pump only.

TTP Ventus is actively developing higher performance pump designs. Contact us to discuss whether we have an alternative design that meets your requirements.

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