Talk: Disc Pump – the next evolutionary step in compact, pulsation free microfluidic control

12:20 CET

TTP Ventus' Business Development Manager, John Watson, will speak in the virtual.COMPAMED High-Tech Forum by IVAM, during the Microfluidic session "Miniaturization in the life sciences – from hype to reality" on Thursday, 19 November, 12:20 CET. The Forum will take place as a virtual online event this year. Participation in the virtual.COMPAMED High-Tech Forum is free of charge. To join the discussion, please register for the Zoom webinars. Additionally, the forum program is available as a YouTube livestream.


The microfluidics industry is currently undergoing a similar development to that seen in the electronics industry some 60 years ago, where the big trends were in miniaturization and functional integration. As a result, today’s system designers are looking for compact pumping solutions that can offer the speed of response and precise control required to move fluids accurately through their microfluidic circuits. Disc Pump, with its compact form factor, near-infinite control, pulsation free flow and silent operation is an evolutionary step forward in microfluidic handling and a catalyst for innovation within the microfluidic sector.

Speaker Bio:

John has served the micro pump industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in medical and life science applications. He has assisted many companies in the selection of their pump technology and uses his expertise and experience to support the design process. An engineer by qualification, he understands the need to truly listen to the customers’ needs and work together with a solution’s focused approach. As one of the Business Development Managers at TTP Ventus, John helps to support the Disc Pump TM range of award-winning micropumps which are enabling innovation across a diverse range of applications in the medical and life science sectors, from wearable and portable medical devices to the latest Point of Care (POC) diagnostic systems.

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