IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference 2019

TTP Ventus’ Managing Director, James McCrone, will present “Pulsation-free air micropump for ink control” during the morning session on April 11th 2019.

The IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference is aimed at inkjet development chemists looking to find out the latest products, technology and techniques, and exchange ideas with peers. The conference covers materials, characterisation, formulation, printing, curing and other aspects of digital printing solutions.


Precise control of meniscus pressure is important to delivering a high level of reproducibility within and between printheads, thereby avoiding visual defects in the images they print. Present meniscus control systems are relatively large and complex however, limiting print system design flexibility and performance. TTP Ventus offers a solution to this problem through its range of gas micropumps. Pulsation-free flow means that dampers and accumulators are no longer required, while rapid response and precision enable unrivalled meniscus control. In addition, modular system architectures are made possible by the pump’s small size. This talk will describe present meniscus control systems, introduce our pumps, and provide examples of new meniscus control architectures that they enable.

Please contact us at to discuss how TTP Ventus' Disc Pump technology can be deployed in your inkjet application.
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