IMI Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019

Following on from his address at IMI Europe in May of this year, TTP Ventus’ Managing Director Dr James McCrone will present "Achieving puslation-free and accurate meniscus pressure control" at the IMI ‘Inkjet Age of Material Conference’, during the afternoon session on September 4th, 2019.

IMI’s Inkjet Age of Materials Conference 2019 addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with future inkjet materials requirements and technology choices and looks at the drivers & barriers for applications expansion and diversification. This strategic conference provides high value information on innovations, trends, products, and technologies shaping the future of inkjet and serves as a platform for exchanging ideas with industry experts and peers.


Maintaining accurate and consistent meniscus pressure is critical to reducing visual defects in printed images. Stable meniscus pressure prevents wetting out and air ingestion into the print head, both of which can introduce variation in droplet volume and jetting, impacting print quality. Traditionally, a bank of eight or more printheads might be connected to a single air-pump, with a pulse-damper and/or an accumulator used to deliver a stable, consistent meniscus pressure. There are a number of disadvantages to this architecture: physical size and complexity, slow response time, and an inability to provide individual control of the meniscus pressure for each head. This talk will discuss the issues of the conventional approach and highlight how the TTP Ventus Disc Pump is enabling a new generation of modular systems. With its pulsation-free output, rapid response and compact from factor, Disc Pump can be directly integrated with the print head, providing individual bias control and a simplified system architecture. With these benefits, Disc Pump offers unrivalled meniscus pressure control and improved print system performance.

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