International Conference on Microfluidics & Bio-MEMS 2020

Virtual conference,

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John Watson, Business Development Manager at TTP Ventus, will give a talk at this year's International Conference on Microfluidics & Bio-MEMS. The talk is entitled "The Micropump's role in the microfluidic revolution". The talk will be between 12.40 and 13.00 pm (GMT+2).


The diagnostics industry (and as a result microfluidic industry) is currently undergoing a similar revolution to that the electronics industry underwent some 60 years ago, with key trends in miniaturization and functional integration. Flow control is an important consideration in microfluidics systems, as it determines how fluids within a chip are set in motion. Designers are looking for reliable and compact solutions to meet their flow control needs; this is where the micropump comes in.

Please join the conference online to learn more about the role of the micropump in microfluidic systems.

Disc Pump
TTP Ventus has designed the multi award-winning Disc Pump™, which brings advantages in its compact form, silence, vibration-free operation, ultra-smooth flow and precise controllability. Disc Pump™ is enabling life science leaders to push the boundaries of their microfluidic and liquid handling systems, in pursuit of new and radical life-saving medical and diagnostic devices; these in turn deliver better patient outcomes and improved quality-of-life.

Disc Pump™ has a unique feature set which brings the following benefits to microfluidic applications:

  • Precise flow control and dispense accuracy
  • System miniaturisation
  • Accurate pressure and vacuum control
  • Rapid response to set point changes
  • Improved ergonomics
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