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Title, Speaker and Synopsis Video Talks
Key-note address: Current Trends in Microfluidics and the impact of COVID-19

Henne van Heeren, Owner, enablingMNT & Secretary and Board Member, Microfluidics Association

Our keynote presentation from Henne van Heeren examines the status of the microfluidic industry, highlighting the general trends and paying special attention to the influence that the global COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry. During the course of the presentation, Henne also discusses current activity regarding the development of standards in microfluidics.

Miniaturising Pressure-Driven Flow: translating the laboratory set-up into commercial instrumentation

John Watson, Business Development Manager, TTP Ventus

Pressure-Driven Flow (PDF) in microfluidics offers many technical advantages over other pumping mechanisms, and is often the pump solution of choice when proving principle in a laboratory environment. However, a challenge arises moving from proof-of-concept into the product design phase, where it is often necessary to miniaturise the microfluidic system to fit in a commercially-acceptable footprint. Disc Pump, with its compact form factor, near-infinite control, pulsation free flow and silent operation enables an evolutionary step forward in PDF and as such is undoubtedly a catalyst for innovation within the microfluidic sector.

Optimizing integrated manifold and valve systems to ensure competitive & scalable microfluidic devices

Patrice Salameh, Product Manager, Norgren Life Science

Advancements in microfluidic devices are occurring at a rapid pace, requiring increased complexity in fluid control systems. This talk explores ways to ensure high performance manifold and valve designs while keeping in mind crucial considerations such as cost, size and manufacturability.

30 years of microfluidics – Hype, hope and the real world

Holger Becker, CSO, microfluidic ChipShop

30 years after the introduction of the concept of the “miniaturized total chemical analysis system (µTAS)” and about 20 years after the gold digger's frenzy about how this technology would revolutionize all aspects of chemical, biological or diagnostic applications, it is worth looking at how this technology has matured (or at where it might have made a wrong turn). We see nowadays a significant part of the early days' promises being fulfilled and a rapidly growing range of applications and products. A review on roadblocks as well as success factors for the commercialization of microfluidic devices will be presented as well as an overview on commercially available manufacturing routes with their specific application to microfluidics.

Developing microfluidic based solutions for microfluidic and non-microfluidic users

Arnaud Cartier, Marketing Director, Fluigent

Developing a microfluidic system from scratch can be a tedious task, as it requires strong multidisciplinary engineering skills. During this talk, we'll provide insights to ensure the development of an efficient end-user microfluidic solution.

Filters and check valves and the issues with off the shelf solutions

Paul West, International Business Development Manager, The West Group

The West Group Ltd offers a great range of filters and check valves for off the shelf solutions for new applications but this is never enough – for example not having the right termination (inlet/outlet), size, filter membrane type (micron size or even the right membrane) material can be hard to come by especially in a small size. We will discuss the issues that we have overcome to help our customers and future clients. Providing our customers with the ability to make and produce the perfect solution for them with our new Modular Filter and Check Valve range called the EMV Range.

Shape memory alloy valves for emerging applications in the Life Sciences

Dr. Hinnerk Oßmer, Co-Founder and Managing Director & Christoph Wessendorf, Co-Founder and Managing Director, memetis GmbH

Life Science applications including pharmaceutics and vaccine development, DNA research, peptide synthesis, organ-on-chip systems and medical wearables are increasingly integrating components for active fluid handling into their devices. Since the demanding requirements on packaging density, low weight and power consumption, in particular originating from multiplexing as well as mobile or Point-of-Care solutions, cannot always be fulfilled by solenoid valves available on the market, valves driven by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuation become an increasingly interesting complementary technology. Based in the south of Germany, memetis GmbH develops ultracompact SMA valves as well as custom fluid handling solutions for Life Sciences.