TTP Ventus announces launch of new Smart Pump Module

  • New line of pump modules offers simple integration with OEM systems
  • Onboard pressure sensing enables standalone pressure or vacuum control
  • Precise control, millisecond-response, and silent operation from a tightly-integrated package

Cambridge, UK, 10 February 2022: TTP Ventus, manufacturer of the Disc Pump range of award-winning micropumps, today announces the launch of its new line of Smart Pump Module products.

The first product – the SPM-041 – combines your choice of pump with drive electronics and a pressure sensor, enabling exceptional closed-loop control of pressure/vacuum, in a compact form factor weighing just 11g. The SPM-041 has a simple control interface, with UART, I2C and analog control options, making the replacement of conventional pumps straightforward. This simplifies the design-in process, making it easier than ever for OEMs to take advantage of the key benefits of the award-winning micropump, including exceptional pressure and flow, silent operation, millisecond-response time, precision controllability, and pulsation-free flow.

Tom Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer, TTP Ventus, commented: “With the launch of this new line of modules, we’re responding to growing market demand for a drop-in replacement for conventional pumps as engineers look to new-generation technology to drive innovation in their products. The first product in the line provides OEMs with a compact, stand-alone pressure/vacuum controller, suitable for a wide range of applications from microfluidics to inkjet printing. We are planning further modules specialised for particular markets and applications.”

The new SPM-041 modules are shipping now. For more information, visit:

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