TTP Ventus sees spike in interest from companies responding to COVID-19

Diagnostic companies turning to Disc Pump to provide the precise fluidic control needed to deliver rapid POC tests.

When WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admonished nations to “test, test, test”, back in March of this year, testing was already recognised as a key strategy in the fight against this terrible disease. In response the diagnostics industry has been racing to develop new test platforms that can quickly and accurately carry out the wide-scale testing needed. At the heart of many of these devices is a microfluidic chip that requires both the sample and reagents moved quickly, accurately, and precisely, delivering a fast and reliable result. TTP Ventus’ Disc Pumps, with their unique set of features, are rapidly becoming the pump of choice for such systems. For more information, please visit our Life Sciences applications page:

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