Two new high-performance models introduced to the long-life LT Series line

  • New pumps offer 270 mbar(g) pressure, -220 mbar(g) vacuum, 1.2 L/min free flow and 5,000+ hours life.
  • Ventus’ product pipeline includes further improvements to performance and life.

TTP Ventus, manufacturer of the Disc Pump range of multi-award-winning micropumps, today announced the launch of two new high-performance models in its long-life LT Series product line.

The LT Series was launched in 2019 to serve applications with demanding operational life requirements across the medical, life science, environmental and industrial sectors. The latest two models, LT-S2-023 and LT-P2-024, have a higher power rating than previous LT Series models, thereby delivering higher performance, without compromising on service life.

The new pumps offer pressure in excess of 270 mbar(g), vacuum of -220 mbar(g) and 1.2 L/min free flow. This is a significant uplift over previous models, representing a one-third increase in pressure and vacuum performance, and a near doubling in flow.

The additional performance enables customers to exploit the LT Series’ exceptional 5,000+ hour service life in more-demanding applications.

TTP Ventus’ Disc Pump platform delivers exceptional pressure and flow, silent operation, millisecond-response time, precision controllability and pulsation-free flow. These features enable product designers to drive innovation, for example through the creation of discrete, wearable medical devices or through the miniaturisation of measurement equipment.

The new LT Series models are shipping now. For more information about the LT Series, visit:


“The new LT Series pumps take advantage of innovative design improvements that allow our pumps to be driven harder, for longer. The resulting performance boost broadens the number of applications that can take advantage of the core benefits of the Disc Pump platform.”

“We’re committed to driving further improvements in the LT Series. These new models are the latest in a series of launches, with a 10,000+ hour pump in testing and planned for release in 2021.”

Tom Harrison, Business Development Manager, TTP Ventus