XP Series

TTP Ventus’ Disc Pump™ platform delivers high pressure and flow, silent operation, rapid response time, accuracy, infinite turn-down ratio and ultra-smooth flow in a compact package, to support product innovations through wearability, portability, and simplicity. The XP Series offers our highest performance and widest operating temperature range of -25 to 55°C.

DP-S2-007 Pressure Flow Vacuum
Intermittent > 410 mbar > 0.75 L/min > 320 mbar
Continuous > 320 mbar > 0.65 L/min > 270 mbar
DP-P2-008 Pressure Flow Vacuum
Intermittent > 250 mbar > 1.35 L/min > 230 mbar
Continuous > 190 mbar > 1.10 L/min > 140 mbar
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BL Series

Our standard BL Series Disc Pump™ design has two pumping chambers. We offer two variants: one with the chambers in series for higher pressure applications, and one in parallel for higher flow.

DP-S2-003 Pressure Flow Vacuum
Continuous > 300 mbar > 0.5 L/min > 200 mbar
DP-P2-004 Pressure Flow Vacuum
Continuous > 170 mbar >0.95 L/min > 170 mbar
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TTP Ventus is actively developing higher performance R&D pump designs. Contact us to discuss whether we have an alternative design that meets your requirements.
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Evaluation Kit

Our evaluation kits come with everything necessary to start testing, including two pumps, electronics and PC application for configuration and control. The evaluation kits are suitable for laboratory testing, proof of concept and product prototyping.

Kit contents 2 Disc Pumps
Driver Board
Mains PSU
Accessories Kit
USB drive with PC app for control, configuration, and documentation
Research Licence
Control Interfaces PC Application
Rotary dial (can be configured to control pressure or power)
0-2.5 V analog in (can be configured to control pressure or power)
USB-Serial interface for integration with host system
Control Modes Power control
Closed-loop pressure control (positive and negative pressure)
Bang-bang pressure control

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XP Series
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