Our Technology

Our gas micropump platform, Disc Pump™, was originally created to address the need for power on the move: consumer electronics giant Casio required a high-performance, silent pump to enable a micro fuel cell product for the business travel market. In response, TTP developed an entirely new form of pump, based on ultrasonic acoustic reasonance.

Subsequent advances in battery technology have addressed the need for mobile power, however Disc Pump™ has gone on to find application in a wide range of products spanning the medical, life sciences, environmental and industrial sectors.

  • Silent operation
  • Small size and light weight
  • Exceptional pressure and flow
  • Ultra-fast (ms) response to set-point changes
  • Ultra-low pulsatility output
  • Full control flexibility

Disc Pump is protected by US patents 7550034, 8123502, 8297947, 8371829, 8409160, 8646479, 8734131, 8763633, 8821134, 9051931, 9127665, 9234518, 9239059, 9279421, 9334858, 9506463, 9752565, 9709042, and 9777851, together with all international and/or foreign counterparts.

Operating Principle

See more videos from TTP Ventus on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/ttpventus

Most piezoelectric gas pumps rely on the movement of a piezo actuator to compress the gas in a cavity, thereby increasing its pressure. Such ‘displacement’ pumps have limited performance because the movement of piezo actuators is very small.

By instead creating a standing wave we are able to deliver much greater pressures and flow than traditional piezo pumps – and because our pumps operate at ultrasonic frequency they are completely silent.

Turning an ultrasonic standing wave into useful pumped flow requires a highly specialised valve, able to respond in a matter of microseconds. Our patent-protected designs do exactly this, delivering unrivalled pneumatic performance.

TTP Ventus won Business Weekly’s Disruptive Innovation award in 2018, recognising our disruption of the micropump industry and the product innovation that Disc Pump™ enables.


Our manufacturing site is located near Cambridge, UK. Highly automated production systems give us the accuracy and quality required for high-precision volume production.